Android 9 Pie

Android Pie is now official after being formally announced by Google today. In addition to confirming that P is now Pie, Google is now referencing Android 9.0 as Android 9 Pie, marking a slight change from previous Android version releases.

Android 9 Pie OS was made available for its Pixel smartphones from Monday and also started rolling out OTA update (OTA images) for those who have signed up for beta program. Even the Essential Phone has got the update, soon after the Pixel phones, which is a brilliant move

Some of the Features offered by Android Pie

In terms of intelligence, has refined features like adaptive battery and adaptive brightness to optimize your phone performance.

In addition, new features like App Action predicts which apps you’re likely to use at a given time of the day or at a particular location, and puts those apps on top of the app drawer, or Slices, which offers other important real-time data.

One big update in Android Pie is support for notches — those little cutouts on phones with screens that span most of the phone face.

Additionally, timers can be set to limit your daily usage.

Android’s Do-Not-Disturb mode now works for both sound and notifications, and Google has added a Wind Down feature that turns on night light, DND, and turns the screen black-and-white when it’s bedtime.

Android P users will be able to swipe up to see recent apps, and swipe up again to see their entire app drawer.

Users can navigate between apps by pressing the tiny “pill” at the bottom of the screen to go home.


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