Chinese Toddler Locked iPhone
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According to Chinese media reports, a two-year-old boy in Shanghai has locked his mother’s iPhone for 47 years after playing with it and repeatedly entering the wrong passcode.

This happened after the toddler was left alone to play with the phone.

Each time an incorrect passcode was entered, the phone was disabled for a particular period of time, eventually adding up to the equivalent of 47 years.

A phone technician at an Apple store in Shanghai was quoted as saying that the woman could either wait years to try to input her passcode again or wipe the contents of the handset clean and then reinstall files.

The technician, named as Wei Chunlong, also told the website that there had been cases of phones locked for the equivalent of over 80 years by the same method. “In this woman’s case, the only way out without waiting is to erase all the phone data and do a factory reset,” Wei said.

Chunlong also said that there had been cases of phones getting locked for an equivalent of over 80 years by the same method.

The iPhone passcode operates as a security measure. However, most iOS customers have faced the inconvenience of being locked out for minutes when a passcode is entered incorrectly six times in a row.


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