Elon Musk proposes plan to travel anywhere on earth within an hour
Image Source - SpaceX

Futurist and inventor Elon Musk unveiled ambitious plans Friday to send cargo ships to Mars in five years and use rockets to carry people between Earth’s major cities in under half-an-hour.

According to The Verge, Musk demonstrated the idea of using the same interplanetary rocket system for long-distance travel on Earth. He claimed that the space technology would take “most long distance trips” in just 30 minutes, and go “anywhere on Earth in under an hour” for around the same price of an economy airline ticket.

In SpaceX’s video, the idea is showcased that passengers get onto a large ship from a dock in and go to a floating launchpad in New York. They use the same rocket designed to make humans travel to Mars. The only difference is that instead of heading to another planet, the destination is another city in the world- Shanghai.  The ship separates in outer space and takes you to your destination.

The same rocket is boarded in which Musk plans to send people to Mars by 2024.

This proposed method of traveling from one city to another would be, by far, the fastest ever. The ship would reach a speed of about 18,000 miles per hour at its peak.

The video predicts journeys on “most long-distance trips in less than 30 minutes.” Hong Kong to Singapore will take 22 minutes, Los Angeles to Toronto will take 24 minutes, Tokyo to Delhi in 30 minutes, London to Dubai or New York in 29 minutes.


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