A Mumbai-based man loses Rs. 1.3 Lakh from his bank account after getting a call to link aadhar card to phone number.

This unfortunate incident happened to a man named Shashwat Gupta, who works in a private firm in Kozhikode. One day he got a call from someone asking him to link his Aadhaar card to the phone number. He did exactly what he was asked to do on the phone call. After all, he was receiving the similar call from his network company Airtel and hence the man unknowingly fell for the trap.

The caller asked Shashwat to send the number on the SIM Card to 121, which is the official Airtel service number. Mr. Gupta told the caller that he has no idea about the number on the SIM card, therefore he got a number from the caller.

As 121 is an official service number of Airtel, Mr. Gupta didn’t suspect any foul play and sent the number as asked by the caller. When Gupta did what he was asked, his connection got deactivated within minutes. In fact, to Mr. Gupta’s surprise that number is used to cancel an existing SIM card in order to active a duplicate sim of the same number.

By using the duplicate SIM card number, the fraudsters hacked into Gupta’s salary account, which was in ICICI bank. The fraudsters started withdrawing money from Gupta’s salary account at the rate of Rs. 10,000 to 20,000. This is when the Bank got suspicious, as the constant withdrawal was happening. The bank called on Gupta’s second number, which was answered by his father. His father told the bank that his son was not withdrawing the money, as his SIM card has been blocked.

Gupta then asked the bank to freeze the account, it was already too late. According to Gupta, his bank was unable to freeze the account in time despite a repeated request to the customer care executives and the bank. His bank didn’t freeze the account even after 18 hours of raising the request. This resulted in losing him a huge amount of more than 1 Lakh. The fraudsters had withdrawn a total sum of Rs. 1.30 Lakh.

The fraudsters even took away his investments from his fixed deposits.

In a Facebook post, Shaswat’s narrated whole incident.

And in a blitz, my salary account was looted.Hi guys! I just lost an amount of Rupees 1.3 lacs from my ICICI Bank…

Posted by Shashwat Gupta on Friday, 6 October 2017


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