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Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ tonight, a day ahead of MWC 2018, in Barcelona and we are still witnessing the leaks.

It seems that someone has accidentally published a full-length promo video, as per GSMArena. It was promptly taken down, of course, but Slashleaks was able to grab it.

The video focuses on an Enterprise or multi-tasking/business approach to the Galaxy S9. It does, however, disclose the main slogan for the S9 — “The Phone. Reimagined.”

Features showed off in the video include water resistance, Samsung’s own app pairing software, Knox 3.1 security, biometric facial recognition, and much more.

The smartphone with a dual-aperture camera while keeping most of the other specs relatively unchanged from the predecessor Galaxy S8. The video shows a new built-in automatic translator in Samsung’s camera app, which looks to work very much like Google Translate’s option for live translation via the camera.

The S9 is also IP68-rated for dust and water resistance, matching the S8 as expected. The new phone’s fingerprint sensor has shifted to a more sensible central position

Hit the play button to watch the video for yourself, and stay tuned to Techscoof for the full disclosure on Samsung’s new flagship phone


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