Snapchat is seeking to explore new ground as it tries to outrun Instagram’s efforts to copy its features. Its newest effort may be building a gaming hub inside Snapchat, according to a report by The Information. The report confirms that the platform will be launched later this year and apparently the company is already in talks with game publishers to collaborate with on this project.

According to the report, Snap Inc. has already signed deals with multiple game publishers to launch its own gaming platform later this year. It does make sense given that the company has been toying with augmented reality games for the past few months. You can use special filters called “Snappables” which can turn your surrounding environments into an AR game.

As a result, it’s likely that other games on the platform will also utilize the camera to create their playing environments. It’s not clear if Snap intends to compete with Google’s ARCore or not, but it’s unlikely as the end goal of both services appears to be very different. Snapchat is focused around entertainment, while ARCore is replacing Project Tango which was for a whole lot more.

Though there has been no report of whether the new games would be AR based, though it only seems logical considering the resources available to the company.


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