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Breastfeeding has become a controversial topic in recent years, with debates over where mothers should be able to breastfeed and whether Facebook should allow images of women breastfeeding to appear in newsfeeds.

Ivens, a Lithuanian-born photographer and breastfeeding advocate, has shot a number of stunning images which in a bid to empower them and spread awareness about the benefits of breast milk.


According to Hindustan Times, she wants people to view breastfeeding as the beneficial, beautiful act that it is.


“It truly is the most perfect food and gift we can give a child. If people understood the benefits without being lambasted with propaganda for manmade milk, formula, etc. I believe they would view nursing as the most natural gift and not something to be sexualized,” she says.

Ivette’s choice of muses depends upon their life stories. One of her most popular shots is that of Michigan resident Mimi Stevenson, a burn survivor, breastfeeding her son, Josiah.

When I first saw @schamica211 breastfeeding selfie she took with her iphone, I thought to myself – this woman deserves to have a piece of art that screams STRONG. DEVOTED. WARRIOR. That part is done. In addition, this superwoman wanted to share her story with the world, hoping it reaches someone who needs it the most. Humans tend to stop themselves from achieving their goals because of insecurities, tragedies, illnesses.. Mimi did not have it easy, yet she shines confidence, self love, fearlessness. All of these features we are already born with, but then life happens and some of them might be washed away. Mimi is a great example of how to fight it back. A true, humble warrior. We are very grateful for all beautiful comments, messages and media attention – burn survivors are connecting, people are recounting their blessings, mothers who want to breastfeed are scratching out excuses. Art unites us for a moment. With a little help of social media:)

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The ethereal images feature a number of women from all over America nursing their children in fairy tale settings.

Each photo tells an individual story of mother and child, but I believe that all of the photographs speak to breastfeeding mothers. The looks of adoration, strength, determination, and unconditional love on these mother’s faces have all been our own faces looking at our children as we nurse them.

These children’s looks of happiness, contentment, and joy have all been the faces our own children. The beauty of breastfeeding is universal, and I believe that Ivette Iven’s photography captures that beauty wonderfully.

Our Mother.

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Through the highs and lows and every Little thing in between.

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Three of my favorite subjects to shoot❤️

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I'll tell you names of all colors. You'll teach me to see them.

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All pictures are taken from ivetteivens instagram account.


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