Behind every page you see on Techscoof, there are efforts by the Team members. We know, you all are interested in knowing about the Team. So let us take the joy of introducing our Awesome Team.

Ravinder Gupta, Founder & Editor

Ravinder Gupta is the Founder & Editor at TechScoof, He covers Upcoming Technology News, Android News, App Reviews, Mobile Reviews and some entertainment stuff. Trying out new things is him passion and he always upbeat about trying out new things, be in the space of techology and science. Get in touch with him at [email protected]

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Abhishek Tewari, Editor

Abhishek TewariAbhishek Tewari is Editor at TechScoof. He is a true Technogeek and a big time movie buff. He covers Android News and Editorials at Techscoof, When he isn’t with his Laptop, He is either found sleeping or watching movies. There is only one thing that surpasses his love for tech !
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Ronojoy Pyne, Editor

Ronojoy Pyne covers upcoming phones news and entertainment article stuff which you like and enjoy. He describes himself as an inquisitive soul, who satisfy itself by reading, writing and connected science and technology minded peoples.

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