WhatsApp Send Messages

WhatsApp has added a lot of new features to its instant-messaging app. Here comes another practical feature dubbed as the ‘WhatsApp Send Messages’ which will now let group admins restrict other members from sending messages to any particular group.

This means that if the administrator does not want non-admins to send messages in a group, he can do so by enabling a toggle in the “Group settings” menu. WhatsApp will hide the chat text input bar for non-admins, showing a particular footer that alerts the user that he/she cannot send messages.

Once you have changed the permission of all participants, group members will be notified with a particular message right above the message box. The same chat box will be hidden from members if the group admin enables the option.

WhatsApp Send Messages

How to restrict member from messaging in WhatsApp Groups

Step 1: If you are a group admin, tap on the Group Info option.
Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the Group Settings option.
Step 3: There will the Send Messages option, tap on it
Step 4: Choose Only admins and now all the group members will have to take your approval for messaging in the group.

Users will require their WhatsApp version to be updated to 2.18.201 for Android and version 2.18.70 for iOS users. Older versions of the app might also get the feature but it is likely that newer versions will be better optimised.


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