YouTube dark mode

The YouTube app on iOS got the option to use the ‘dark theme’ which inverts some of the colours on the app, most notably changing the white background to a black one which, in addition to being more cinematic, is also easier on the eyes when viewed in low-light conditions. YouTube dark mode was added to the desktop site last year and to iOS earlier this year.

Google promising to roll out the feature to Android devices in the future. The search giant is apparently making good on that promise and has started rolling out YouTube dark mode for Android devices.

Based on the number of users who received the option today, it appears as though this is an official rollout of the feature. As such, most Android users should see the change on their devices in the coming days or weeks.

Again, when dark mode for Android does go live on a device, users should see the option automatically enabled with a dialog box offering to disable the feature.

If you have received the update, the dark mode toggle can be accessed by navigating to Settings (by tapping on the user avatar) > General section of your Android device.


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